Friday, February 6, 2009

Is Your Husband Cheating at Work?

Whether you're convinced that your man is cheating, or you simply have a nagging suspicion, one question you're going to have in the back of your mind is, “where did he meet her?” After all, there's only so many opportunities he could have to actually meet someone and develop a relationship.

When it comes to opportunity, your guy probably doesn't have a lot of choice. Most affairs begin with people that are in constant contact with each other – coworkers, for example. It's unlikely that he started an affair with a complete stranger, or that he's met someone in public. No, it's much more likely that he's developed a friendly relationship with one of his work mates.

In fact, the workplace romance is a fairly common thing. It's in this environment that friendships are created, trust is developed, and things are sometimes taken to a new level. It's an environment where regular people (not cheaters) can suddenly find themselves mysteriously attracted to a coworker. It's a place where you can be caught off guard by sudden romantic feelings towards one of your peers.

If you suspect your man is cheating at work, there are many ways you can find out for sure. Here are a few:

Make it a point to attend every company get-together. While you're there, make it a point to mingle with your husband's close coworkers. Pay particular attention to the manner in which they treat you or any off-color comments that are made. You should be able to pick up on any strange vibes since most of them will already be aware of your husband's infidelity. You may actually even bump into his mistress. She should be easy to identify.

Surprise him at work by simply popping in and offering to take him to lunch. It's important that you don't give him any warning or any indication that you'll be stopping by. Why does this work so well? For the simple reason that if he has planned to meet her for lunch, he's going to have to cancel his plans at the last minute. If he appears nervous or upset, it's probably because he's been forced to cancel his lunch plans with his sweetheart in favor of having lunch with you. You're really going to catch him off guard here. It's a great way to test him.

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